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  About Us - Car Detailing Company. 

I am dedicated to pursuing excellence in all aspects of my life and providing the highest level of service to my customers. In order to ensure the best possible results, I use only top-quality, thoroughly tested products in my detailing process. Additionally, I prioritize eco-friendliness and utilize steam and biodegradable cleaning products.

For the protection of my customers and their vehicles, I am fully insured with public liability insurance up to £1,000,000 and a service indemnity insurance policy. I also hold a Gold insurance policy that provides coverage for damages to vehicles up to £50,000. Furthermore, I am insured to perform demonstrations and exhibitions at shows and stalls.


  Eco-Friendly Car Detailing Company : We don't use hundreds of litres of water to wash your car, We don't let chemical run off and We use bio-degradable products

  No Mess on your driveway: We don't use jet wash and snowfoam so there is no mess on your driveway

  No water spotting: Our Car Detailing Company use De-ionised water on your car so there is no chance of leaving any water marks in the gaps

  Better results: Regardless of the products used on your car; cleaning the paintwork with hot steam and hot cleaner wax is a different game than washing with jet wash, snowfoam and 2 buckets; these detergents dull your car's finish overtime and they don't remove bonded contaminants from paint and other surfaces either unless used with a physical decontamination (clay) and clay is known to cause marring on the finish unless you are going to polish your car after then its not recommended. With hot steam pores are open and bonded contaminants are removed and replaced with hot wax that provides a different shine than applying cold wax or sealant on a surface that still has some contaminants.

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